Thermo Scientific


Thermo Scientific is a world leader in science service, but is the world's largest analytical device manufacturer.
This is the way it works with the understanding of 'Commitment to Analytical Precision' by predicting customer needs for leadership.
Its mission is to make the world healthier and safer.
Solving customers' complex, analytical challenges or increasing and supporting efficiency in their labs is their primary priority.
Thermo Scientific products, equipment, software, services and consumables serve a wide range of sectors from pharmaceutical industry to academic studies, food security, petrochemical, clinical and criminal studies to biotechnology.
The wide range of products in the analytical sector ranges from Chromatography to Mass Spectrometry, From Elemental Analysis to Molekuler Spectroscopy, From Sample Preparation to Clinical Diagnosis.
RedoksLAB is the Only Official of Thermo Scientific Brand in Turkey.
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