About Us



Founded in 1998, RedoksLAB provides fast, reliable analytical devices, software, technical support, consumables and standard solutions to increase the production efficiency, product quality and profitability of its customers with its long-term business partnership approach.



Global Approach

RedoksLAB, which closely follows all kinds of technological developments in the analytical industry, is innovative and reliable produced in high quality standards by creating new synergies with world leading companies making the highest investment in science and technology offers analytical solutions. It increases the efficiency of R&D and production stages with comprehensive and customer-oriented advanced technology solutions.


Our Vision

Our vision as a company that provides advanced analytical technologies is to be a reference provider for our country's great analytical goals with our ethical, principled and innovative perspective.


Our Mission

To provide chemical analysis solutions to laboratory studies with our reliable products with high levels of analitic technology, our ethical understanding, pre-sales and after-sales solution-oriented technical support services.


Product Groups

RedoksLab provides analytical devices and systems that answer the "how" and "what" samples are in a wide range of applications ranging from routine testing to complex research and discovery.
RedoksLab provides solutions for challenging analyzes in the analytical sector, from Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Elemental Analysis, Molecular Spectroscopy, Sample Preparation, Microanalysis, Nanotechnology and Clinical Diagnosis.


Organization Network

RedoksLAB, which is the turkish representative of companies making the largest investment in science and technology in the world in the field of analytical systems, has a wide range of devices and systems, as well as accessories and consumables that support these devices and systems, together it offers much more.
RedoksLAB provides turnkey laboratory, project and consulting services as well as sales, technical support, spare parts supply, verification, demo, application and training services for quality control and R&D studies.