Velos Pro Dual-Pressure Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer

Thermo Scientific Velos Pro is the pinnacle of ion trap mass spectrometry that delivers enhanced performance for complex sample analyses. A novel wide dynamic range discrete dynode detection system offers the ultimate in identification and quantitation of low-abundance compounds and provides absolute confidence in every result.

For the first time ever with an ion trap, the Velos Pro LC-MSn offers Trap-HCD (Higher-Energy Collisional Dissociation) combined with CID (Collision-Induced Dissociation), PQD (Pulsed-Q Dissociation) and ETD (Electron Transfer Dissociation) to solve the most difficult analytical problems. With the improved robustness of generation II/G2 ion optics, the Velos Pro delivers reliability on the fastest, most-sensitive, highest capability ion trap available today. The Velos Pro can also be enhanced with the ultra-high resolution and mass accuracy of Orbitrap Velos Pro or Orbitrap Elite technology.

The Velos Pro LC-MSn is the premier ion trap system for qualitative and quantitative analysis of complex proteomics and bioanalytical samples.

Key Features
  • Novel wide dynamic range discrete dynode detection system provides up to six orders of linear quantitation
  • Unique dual-pressure linear ion trap simultaneously increases scan speed and mass resolution
  • Proprietary S-lens ion optics increase ion transmission and shorten trap fill time, improving instrument sensitivity and data acquisition rate
  • Generation II ion optics improve robustness and reduces downtime
  • Trap-HCD functionality combined with CID, PQD and ETD provides the ultimate in structural information
  • Predictive Automatic Gain Control reduces cycle times, yielding improved data acquisition rates
  • Upgradable to accurate mass and ultra-high resolution Orbitrap technology

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