Ultimate Nano LC

The UltiMate® 3000 Nano LC systems have been designed to optimize low flow separations and facilitate easy coupling to mass spectrometry to provide the best resolution, sensitivity, and selectivity for nano LC and proteomics applications. Dionex has played a pioneering role in the field of nano HPLC, a technique that generally involves the application of columns with an internal diameter of 75 µm and low flow rates of around 300 nL/min. These configurations are ideal for analysis with limited sample starting amounts, due to the sensitivity enhancement of the smaller column i.d. Dionex offers several solutions to accommodate reliable and robust nano LC as a front end to mass spectrometry and to fulfill three typical requirements:

  • High sensitivity to allow detection of femtomoles or even lower
  • Maximum robustness and repeatability for consistent results at a global level
  • Increased resolution and selectivity for more reliable identification

Available with x2 dual configurations, and combined with dedicated columns, connections, and LC solutions, these systems facilitate pre-concentration and sample cleanup steps, and make multidimensional and parallel separations easier and better than ever before. The advanced wellness features of the UltiMate 3000 system platform provide early warnings to allow planned preventive maintenance, resulting in improved system robustness.

  • Very low flow rates possible, down to 20 nL/min
  • Maximum pressure available up to 800 bar (also see www.dionex-uhplc.com for more information on UltiMate 3000 UHPLC systems and solutions)
  • nanoViper fingertight connections for easy system setup
  • Exact temperature control for all critical flow path components and for thermolabile samples
  • Available in single gradient and x2 dual configurations
  • Reliable injection reproducibility, down to 20 nL
  • Automated off-line 2D-LC using combined autosampling and micro-fraction collection
  • System Wellness and predictive performance indicators
  • Seamless MS integration with single-point software control for most MS platforms
  • Biocompatibility option
  • UV detection for monitoring separation results

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