Nicolet Continuµm Infrared Microscope

Thermo Scientific Nicolet Continuµm Infrared Microscope sets the standard for FT-IR microspectroscopy—from electronics failure analysis, to crime scene investigations and museum research.

A research quality tool designed for today's multi-purpose labs, the Nicolet Continuµm Infrared Microscope combines high-performance infrared sampling and excellent visible-light microscopy to produce reliable spatially-resolved chemical information from all types of samples.

The Nicolet Continuµm Infrared Microscope provides fully automated operation, making it easy and efficient to use. The Nicolet Continuµm provides visual observation of microscopic samples and chemical characterization of most organic and inorganic compounds.

Unparalleled Infrared Performance
  • Unique compensating IR optics ensure perfect matching of the IR/Visible beams, which is an essential step for achieving accurate and pure results
  • Unique, automated, Dual Reflex aperture provides diffraction-limited spectra by masking both the pre- and post-sample image with one aperture assembly
  • Sampling flexibility with transmission, reflectance, and micro-ATR
  • Chemical image acquisition and analysis with available Atlµs software

Combination of the TruView Optics with the spectral collection preview mode allows for:

  • Simultaneous spectrum acquisition and viewing of the sample
  • Rapid sample screening with real-time spectral display
  • Error-free operation—get the right result the first time

High-Performance Optical Microscopy

The optical design provides the sharp sample images essential for revealing fine structure in both visible and infrared microscopy analysis.

  • Infinity-corrected optics
  • Choice of visible compound objectives
  • Visual enhancement tools for any kind of sample, including fluorescence and polarized light
  • Video capture with color digital CCD camera for software integration and documented your microanalysis work


Set of tools designed for manipulation of fibers, particles and other objects

Recommended for: 

The characterization of micro samples in:

  • Failure analysis
  • Product consistency verification
  • Reverse engineering
  • Research and development

Application Areas

The measurement of bulk, surfaces, and composite structures in material science applications including:

  • Forensic analysis
  • Surface analysis
  • Art conservation
  • Mineralogy
  • Biochemistry
  • Homeland security

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