Accurion Imaging Ellipsometer Nanofilm_EP4

The new generation of microscopic thin film, surface and materials metrology tool uses a combination of auto nulling ellipsometry and microscopy to enable surface characterization with lateral resolution as small as 1 micron. This enables resolving sample areas 1000 times smaller than most non-imaging ellipsometers, even if they use micro spot spectroscopic option.

The nanofilm_ep4 uses a variety of unique features that allow the visualization of your surface in real time. You will see the structure of your sample on a microscopic scale and measure parameters like thickness, refractive index and absorption. Maps of selected areas can be received. Instrument combinations with other technologies like AFM, QCM-D, reflectometry, Raman spectroscopy, etc. are possible to receive even more information from your samples.

Sophisticated Modeling Software

The nanofilm_ep4 software is modular. Separate software modules simplify the instrument operation. They enable parallel or offline analysis of collected data remote from the instrument. The software modules are: AccurionServer, EP4Control, AccurionDataStudio and EP4Model. AccurionServer is an organizer of the data storage structure and of all supported data sources. EP4Control operates the instrument and includes image processing features. AccurionDataStudio allows data processing independant from the instrument. EP4Model enables modeling of complex thin films and analyzing and fitting of measured data (not required for BAM measurements).

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