ICS-4000 Capillary Ion chromatograph

The Dionex ICS-4000 capillary HPIC system delivers best-in-class sensitivity, from routine analyses to your most demanding application challenges. The high-pressure capability brings a new level of resolution and speed to dedicated capillary ion chromatography, while integrated design of the Dionex ICS-4000 simplifies your workflow and increases your analytical efficiency and productivity.

Capillary IC provides 24/7 uptime so the system is always ready. The compact integrated system provides convenience and offers detection choices for application versatility.

  • Reagent-Free (RFIC) system operation for simplified analyses with increased reproducibility
  • Integrated system with the performance and adaptability of a modular system
  • Conductivity, electrochemical, and charge detection capabilities
  • High performance system in a small footprint—occupies minimal bench space

The Dionex ICS-4000 Capillary HPIC system offers versatile detection options. The system can be configured with either a conductivity detector or electrochemical detector. The new charge detector can also be configured with the conductivity detector to provide a new, complimentary detection mode for weakly-dissociated ions.

CD Conductivity Detector

  • Supports all IC applications with maximum range up to 15,000 μS
  • Flow path optimized for capillary flow rates
  • Industry leading suppressor technology

ED Electrochemical Detector

  • Supports DC amperometry, pulsed amperometry, or integrated pulsed amperometry detection modes
  • Innovative palladium hydrogen (PdH) reference electrode for superior reproducibility and increased lifetime

QD Charge Detector

  • Improved linearity for weakly disassociated ions such as amines, organic acids, and silicate
  • Provides an equivalent signal for all ions of the same concentration
  • Used in combination with CD detection for peak purity and identification confirmation without additional calibration

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