FLASH 2000 Series CHNS/O Analyzer

Thermo Scientific FLASH 2000 Series CHNS/O Analyzer is designed for unattended and fully automated determination of CHNS, CHN and oxygen in any type of sample.

Instrument offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

Based on almost four decades of experience—the perfect fit between innovation and tradition.

  • Conceived as a flexible platform; designed as a reliable 24/7 solution
  • Simple, precise and cost-effective tool offers accurate, simultaneous CHNS determination as well as versatile, precise oxygen determination
  • Combustion reactor reaches 1800°C, at which temperature both organic and inorganic substances are converted into elemental gases which, after further reduction, are separated in a chromatographic column and delivered to thermal conductivity detector
  • Oxygen determination is achieved by pyrolysis reactor; sulfur determinations are made possible by flame photometric detector (FPD)
  • Features improved speed of analysis and ease of use, with highest sample throughput for either solid and liquid samples; analysis time: CHN, 8 min.; CHNS, 10 min.; Oxygen, 5 min.
  • Highest degree of accuracy is ensured by complete conversion of sample to elemental gases without dilution or splitting
  • Requires minimal maintenance downtime
  • Boasts powerful, fully digital instrument control and data handling software
  • Dedicated Eager Xperience software is able to satisfy virtually every analytical request (i.e., evaluate and present the data, and provide personalized reporting and dedicated features for QC labs)

Includes: Available with validation package including: declaration of conformity, equipments and determination profile, qualifications, IQ installation qualification/OQ Operational Qualification/PQ Performance Qualification, declaration of system validation, test results, and validation certificate.

Compatible with:

Ideal companion to Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer. Compatible with MAS 200R Universal Autosampler and AI 3000 and AS 3000 Liquid Autosamplers.


Methodology is endorsed by renowned international committees (AOAC, ASTM, and others). Data quality is certified to meet the numerous international round-robin tests implemented for every type of material.

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