ECS 3000 Total Chlorine/Total Sulfur Analyzer

The Thermo Scientific ECS 3000 Total Chlorine/Total Sulfur Analyzer is a state-of-the-art microcoulometric instrument that meets stringent compliance rules for Total Chlorine/Total Sulfur measurements in high-grade chemicals and refinery products including LPG and gases.

This sensitive, robust and cost-effective instrument offers extremely reliable sub-ppm analysis with 24-hour operation when equipped with an autosampler.

The Thermo Scientific ECS 3000 Total Chlorine Analyzer/Total Sulfur can be configured to analyze either chlorine or sulfur by microcoulometric titration.

  • High productivity reduces the cost per analysis
  • High stability, sensitivity and reliability are ensured by temperature-controlling the titration cell
  • Maximum versatility thanks to gas and liquid autosamplers
  • Low-maintenance due to optimal combustion and gas conditioning design

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Utilizes Windows-based ThEuS analytical software (requires at least a Pentium IV processor).

Compatible with: 

The NeXYZ liquids autosampler

EGM II, Gas and LPG introduction module

TS-UV module, TX & TS by microcoulometric titration capability


Meets international CEN, ISO, UOP, IP and ASTM methodologies

TX-MCT compliant ASTM methods: D4929, D5194, D5808

TS-MCT compliant ASTM methods: D3120, D3246

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