ARGUS VI Static Vacuum Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer

Thermo Scientific ARGUS VI is a revolutionary mass spectrometer using state-of-the-art technology for the isotopic analysis of small samples of the noble gases, in particular, Argon.

It has an extremely robust design and excellent ion optics combined with industry leading instrument control software to create the total Argon analysis package.

  • Low volume—the low ~700cc internal volume ARGUS VI gives class leading sensitivity
  • The ability to measure all five Argon isotopes simultaneously with no peak jumping required—this also leads to reduced analysis time and greater productivity
  • Beam deflect technology allowing for multi dynamic measurements with a fixed collector array (Priority patent pending in the UK)
  • 1e10 / 1e11 / 1e12 amplifiers with 50 volt ranges enable majority of analysis to be carried out on long life Faraday detectors
  • CDD multiplier technology—this detector allows for high counts rates coupled with extremely low noise.

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