TSQ 9000 Triple Quadrupole GC-MS/MS System

  • Replacement /cleaning the ion source without losing the vacuum with vacuum probe Interlock
  • Possibility to replace the column without losing the vacuum with a V-lock
  • ExtractaBrite, AEI, CI (PCI/NCI) ion resources
  • 20,000 Da/s scanning speed
  • AutoSIM, t-SIM, t-SRM, SRM / FS, t-SRM / FS analysis modes: easy method creation
  • Highest detection limit (IDL≤ 0.4 fg)
  • Maintenance-free quadrupole and noise reduction off-axis, ion-guiding pre-filter design
  • 100% lifetime dual structure rhenium flaments
  • TargetQuan Software - Easy calculation in Dioxin / Furan analysis