Ultra Dry EDS Detector

UltraDry X-ray detector provides superior resolution at incredibly high collection rates.

UltraDry silicon drift X-ray detector, a best-in-class instrument offering faster, more accurate interpretation of X-rays for industries such as metals and mining, advanced materials and semiconductors. The new detector further improves the performance of the Thermo Scientific NORAN System 7 X-ray Microanalysis System.

Best-in-Class Detector Size, Speed of Analysis and Resolution

  • Advanced field-effect transistor (FET) integration and a proprietary preamplifier stage create the extraordinary operating space that enables the superior performance of the UltraDry detector
  • With a smaller and integrated FET, the device capacitance that leads to electronic noise is virtually eliminated
  • By optimizing and characterizing the detector electronics, pulse pile-up and sum peaks are effectively handled;dead time is minimized and resolution is maximized on the fly across a wide range of operating conditions
  • The UltraDry EDS detector results in an extremely high data collection rate with no external or liquid nitrogen cooling and virtually no sacrifice in energy resolution
  • The unique-to-Thermo slotted collimator design allows for consistent collection rates across the widest possible range of working distances, which is absolutely critical to dual EDS and EBSD acquisition
  • The offered range of crystal active areas (10mm2, 30mm2, 60mm2, 100mm2) and the smallest in class packaging envelope provides the greatest solid angle of collection available for a detector on the market today

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