Imaging Ellipsometry overcomes the limits of classical ellipsometers by determing film thickness and optical properties by combining nulling ellipsometry with microscopy. You receive ellipsometric high contrast images from the surface with highest lateral resolution down to 1µm. Spectroscopic ellipsometry enables you studying complex materials like polymer surfaces, graphene, monolayer, biosensors, proteins, colloids and many more.

Single Wavelength Imaging Ellipsometer for investigation of structured ultra thin films


The next step forward in Imaging Ellipsometry with the nanofilm_ep3sw.
The Single Wavelength a powerful system to get started with Imaging Ellipsometry.
Imaging allows you to have a direct view on the sample!
You'll see a direct image of your sample from the CCD-camera.  This image already exhibits ellipsometric contrast, which allows you to analyse qualitatively the homogeneity of your sample or to decide whether surface structures are as they should be.

Well-defined measurements

Since you can directly see your sample it is possible to make point measurements on well-defined regions of interest. Even with samples that would normally not require imaging, you can be sure that you are really measuring a homogenous region by using the Imaging Ellipsometer.

Sophisticated modelling software

Optical modelling software for imaging ellipsometry from Accurion.

High lateral resolution

Imaging Ellipsometry offers a lateral (spatial) resolution down to 1 micrometer (nanofilm_ep3). Standard Ellipsometers typically have lateral resolutions of 100 - 500 microns. For that reason, our system is ideally suited to measure structured surfaces, small surfaces or to check surface inhomogeneities etc. Of course, Imaging Ellipsometers also provide excellent precision in the z-direction (thickness) with resolution better than 0.1 nm.

Fast measurements

With the nanofilm_ep3view software the nanofilm_ep3 is able to measure quantitative thickness maps (also maps for refractive index etc.) for the complete field-of-view in a very fast way.

These topographies are similar to AFM topographies, but you do not need to scan over your sample. This procedure takes less than 1 minute. With the Imaging Ellipsometer nanofilm_ep3 you have a fast and powerful technology to measure micro-structured and/or homogeneous thin films with the highest lateral resolution. Thus, with the Imaging Ellipsometer EP³ you can be sure that you really measure relevant data.


Key Features:

  • Laser 532 nm (standard, upgrade possible)
  • Motorized goniometer
  • Manual Sample Handling Stage
  • Open Frame
  • PC and Monitor

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