The next step forward in Imaging Ellipsometry with the EP³-SE

The EP³-SE is the only commercially available Imaging Spectroscopic Ellipsometer and offers greater flexibility for measurements with Imaging Ellipsometry.

The EP³-SE allows:

  • analysis with highest accuracy and precision
  • analysis of multilayer/multi parameter systems
  • to choose a proper wavelength for absorbing materials
  • optimized sensitivity by wavelength tuning

Sophisticated modelling software

Optical modelling software for imaging ellipsometry from Accurion.
Please click for an introduction of the EP4Model, a powerful modelling software for analysis of ellipsometric data.

Additionally, a multiple-wavelengths mapping of the field of view (MicroMapping) is possible, yielding thickness and/or refractive index maps – similar to AFM surface topographies.

For each wavelength the highest available lateral resolution can be achieved, which makes the EP³-SE to an unique instrument for spectroscopic measurements of micro-structured samples.

The spectroscopic Imaging Ellipsometer EP³-SE uses a Xenon arc lamp to address up to 46 wavelengths between 365 nm to 1000 nm. For measurements on samples with extremely low contrast (e.g. DNA on glass, measurements under liquid ambient) an additional laser source is automatically included in the standard configuration.

Key Features:

  • Laser 658 nm, 50 mW (other laser on request)
  • Spectroscopic Box with fiber coupling
  • Xe Arc lamp and 46 filters
  • Motorized goniometer
  • Manual Sample Handling Stage
  • Open Frame
  • PC and Monitor

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