The flexible nanofilm_ep3bam is based on the proven nanofilm_ep3 imaging ellipsometry platform. It offers a wide angle range and is upgradable to Imaging Ellipsometry.

The nanofilm_ep3bam is an ideal thin films imaging system. It is a completely "hands-off" computer-controlled system, using proprietary motor control circuitry.The nanofilm_ep3bam displays real-time image of your sample directly on the monitor and features important image processing functions. An "objective scanner" provides extended depth-of-field for overall-focused images.

The combination of a high power green laser and excellent objectives allows lateral resolutions of 1 micron, the current limit of CCD optical detectors.

The powerful software (under windowsXP) makes operation easy and convenient. As a complete solution, the system comes including the computer, electronics, and all necessary software needed to begin measurements on your existing trough, or with one of our integrated NIMA troughs.
The nanofilm_ultrabam may be regarded as a specific form of Imaging Ellipsometry applicable to dielectric substrates like water, glass or oxides.

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