Nano Series

Designed for small and lightweight AFMs

With the halcyonics_nano series, Accurion introduced a new product philosophy in 2008: Combination of the highest performance in active vibration isolation with the smallest dimensions at an excellent cost-performance ratio. This technology even allows active vibration isolation for entry level AFM’s.

There are two standard versions currently available: the Nano_20 and the Nano_30. Both systems are very lightweight and portable. The ultra-compact isolator of the Nano_20 only weighs 5.6 kg (12.3 lbs)! Setting up the Nano system is exceptionally easy. It does not require any tuning or load adjustment prior to its use. Just place your application on top of the Nano system, attach the cables, release the transportation lock, turn it on and that’s it! This is definitely the fastest and easiest setup of an active isolation system!

Nano 20 and 30 - efficient vibration isolation for even the smallest applications

The active vibration isolation takes effect right at 1 Hz and increases considerably from this frequency upwards. At above 15 Hz, halcyonics_nano systems achieve an isolation of 40 dB – which means that 99.0% of the vibration is effectively isolated.
In addition to their high isolation from floor vibration through AVI (active vibration isolation), Nano systems also dampen application-generated vibration by AVC (active vibration control), e.g., vibration caused when the user touches the equipment.

Features & Benefits
  • Active vibration isolation in all six degrees of freedom
  • Excellent position stability and stiffness
  • AC power from a standard outlet is sufficient; there is no compressed air supply required
  • No natural low frequency resonance; as a result, excellent vibration characteristics also in frequency ranges below 5 Hz
  • Easy to install: rapid setup of the system - no tuning or load adjustment
  • Ultra-compact and portable
  • Provides better vibration isolation (> 99.0% isolation above 15 Hz) than large optical tables
  • External control unit - no heat generation by the isolator

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