MTL-5 Pulsed Gas Laser Series

The MTL-5 is a compact, user-friendly, bench-top TEA (Transverse Excited Atmospheric Pressure) pumped CO2 Laser.

The MTL-5 features self-diagnostic testing and built-in, fail safe mechanisms designed to monitor system performance and to support system integrity. The laser offers high performance specifications for a variety of scientific and specialist applications.

The MTL-5 can be operated in either multi-mode or single mode (TEM00) configuration. Multi-mode output energy is rated at 150mJ / pulse at 100Hz.

The addition of a precisely selected aperture assembly enables single transverse mode operation. Laser output energy TEM00 single spatial mode operation without wavelength selection is rated at 80mJ/pulse.  This configuration is required for use with the manual tuned grating option. With manual grating tuned option output energy is 50mJ/pulse.

The MTL-5 is supplied with a separate power supply that enables users to optimise space without compromising their experiments. The interconnection between the power supply and head has a known warranted lifetime.

An optional wavelength selection unit with precision grating control enables users to step tune easily between wavelengths.

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