Micro Series

A versatile system for a wide range of applications

Micro Series

Based on the Halcyonics VarioControl technology, the Micro systems feature an easy-to-navigate menu and a graphics display. While different settings can be made in the navigation window, additional information on sensors and actuators can be obtained from the second signal display.
Halcyonics_micro systems come with automatic transportation lock and fully automatic load adjustment. It only takes a few seconds to start up the system and there is no further adjusting or tuning required.

Micro 40, 60 and 80 – high-performance bench top isolators

There are three versions available that differ in their dimensions to suit a variety of applications. The active vibration isolation takes effect at 0.6 Hz and considerably increases from this frequency upward. Above 10 Hz, halcyonics_micro systems achieve an isolation of 40 dB – that means that 99.0% of the vibration is effectively isolated. In addition to their high performance isolating floor vibration through AVI (active vibration isolation), a major advantage of active Halcyonics systems is that they do not have any natural low-frequency resonance, which is a frequency where passive isolators amplify vibrations instead of isolating them.
Micro systems isolate vertical and horizontal vibration as well as vibration generated around the vertical axis of rotation as well as both horizontal axes of inclination. The degree of freedom of the active isolation system is thus six.

Features & Benefits

  • Supreme performance even under severe environmental conditions: Active isolation starts from 0,6 Hz
  • Active vibration isolation in six degrees of freedom
  • Easy to install and operate: set-up the system within minutes and operate it by pushing just two buttons
  • Operation of the system without compressed air supply - just AC power is required
  • Isolation performance of -40 dB (99.0%) beyond 10 Hz
  • Menu navigation to set the isolation system to individual needs

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