GasCheck OEM

Low Cost CO2 Detection

The GasCheck is a series of low cost CO2 sensors that offer high accuracy, good long term stability, negligible cross sensitivity, small size and low power requirement. The GasCheck family includes instruments to measure CO2 in the ranges 0-3000ppm, 0-3% or 0-10% by volume.

The basic GasCheck is available in three ranges 3000 ppm, 3% and 10% with a 0 to 1 V non-linear output. A linearization board can be added as an option to give linear 4 to 20 mA output.

The option of a diffusion assembly is available for the 3000 ppm unit. The GasCheck range of sensors can be fitted with a linearization board to give 4 to 20mA linear output.

Originally developed for measuring CO2 concentrations in laboratory incubators, the GasCheck range has now also been adopted for a wide range of applications where accurate CO2 measurement is possible using a compact, low cost solution.