QuasOr, the no compromise EBSD

Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) enables nanostructural analysis in the electron microscope by characterizing the crystalline structures which affect physical properties in a wide range of materials. As an integral part of the Thermo Scientific NORAN System 7, simultaneous acquisition of EBSD and EDS/WDS spectral images are performed with ease.

QuasOr EBSD, a fully integrated extension of the Thermo Scientific NORAN System 7 architecture. QuasOr EBSD includes a full suite of acquisition and analysis capabilities.


The QuasOr EBSD camera is capable of collecting and indexing at rates in excess of 600 patterns per second. Included is an integrated motorized slide and a tapered tube design with a 42 mm diameter which allows simultaneous EBSD, EDS and WDS acquisitions on many models of electron microscope.

Orientation Mapping

QuasOr provides a wide choice of mapping display options. Euler, HKL and UVW maps are available, as well as phase and grain boundary maps. Additionally, image and pattern quality maps give the user confidence in the data.

Texture Analysis

QuasOr displays crystalline texture information as pole figures, inverse pole figures or as an Orientation Distribution Function. Both pole figures and inverse pole figures can be displayed as the data is collected allowing the user to make a rapid interpretation of sample texture.

Simultaneous Spectral Imaging

NORAN System 7 can collect a full EDS spectrum and WDS X-ray counts at each point of a crystal orientation map without compromising acquisition speed. The set-up, acquisition and analysis of EBSD, EDS and WDS data are managed through a single interface, negating the need to switch between programs. This enables the analyst to collect a wealth of elemental and structural data in minimal acquisition times.

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