Chillcard NG

The Chillcard NG is a high performance dual wavelength infrared gas sensor for accurate and reliable measurements of refrigerants R-22, R-125 & R-134a at levels of 0-3000ppm, SF6 at 0-2000 ppm and N2O at 1000 ppm.

It includes real-time temperature and atmospheric pressure correction via on-board sensors and has the flexibility to incorporate additional gas detection technologies.

Using the optional sampling pump, these gas sensors can detect gases from sampling points up to 30 metres away and be customised to measure certain other refrigerants and similar compounds.

The Chillcard NG uses a robust infrared source to ensure long lifetime and reduced susceptibility to shock. The reliability is further enhanced by the elimination of all moving parts from the sensor head for easy maintenance.

The Chillcard NG offers user-selectable linear and analogue output, temperature correction, display resolution and time constant options. Additional expansion options including fault indicator, alarm function software and a 4-digit liquid crystal display are also available. These features ensure that the unit can be customised to suit the application.

Each Chillcard NG is supplied fully tested and calibrated. Routine maintenance typically comprises of annual replacement of the inlet housing hydrophobic filter and calibration checking/adjustment.