Akustik Kabinler

Protecting your equipment from airborne noise

The enclosures have been designed as accessories for the Halcyonics_WSMicro and _WSVario active workstations; however, the enclosures can be used without these workstations as well. For detailed information on Halcyonics active workstations, please see the data sheet “Halcyonis_WS Series”. It is also possible to retrofit already existing Halcyonics active workstations with acoustic enclosures. Unlike the acoustic enclosures available so far, the entire front part of the Halcyonics enclosure can be effortlessly lifted by the gas pressure supported mechanism. This provides optimal access to the interior of the equipment setup. Microscopes, one of the equipment setup options, can thus be easily accessed at an angle from either side. 

The new Halcyonics enclosure consists of a multi-layer wall construction for optimal broad-band damping of acoustic noise. The walls are inclined at 4°, thereby effectively preventing sound waves from propagating. The rated reduction of the sound power level DW,w achieves 33 dB at 500 Hz. All these specifications apply to measurements performed according to DIN-EN 11546-1; for further details, please refer to the table of specifications.

The ideal solution for SPM’s and more – customized versions on request

The acoustic enclosure is ideal for equipment that is sensitive to airborne noise, such as scanning probe microscopes, systems for error identification in semiconductor wafers and other high-resolution measuring instruments. Those are best isolated by Halcyonics active workstations in combination with an acoustic enclosure against building vibration, other effects of vibration and airborne noise.

Features & Benefits

  • 5 sizes available – plus customized versions
  • Smooth gas pressure spring opening
  • Easy access to your equipment through wide open, full width door
  • Dampening in a wide range, e.g. 33 dB at 500 Hz (EN-11546-1)
  • One or more cable feedtroughs at customer specified locations
  • Broadband damping of acoustic noise through multi-layer construction

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