Ergonomic design and excellent vibration isolation

The ergonomically designed Workstation Series perfectly combines a rigid steel support frame, a proven active vibration isolation system and a smooth powder coated Aluminum or stainless steel work surface. The result is an ergonomic workplace with excellent vibration isolation performance suited for many lab applications. The Halcyonics_WSMicro is optimized for the use with microscopes – the Halcyonics_WSVario offers a multi-purpose system with a large actively vibration isolated surface.


The performance of every vibration isolation system is affected by the basic conditions in the particular laboratory. Under the most favorable conditions, the vibration isolation system is located directly on the floor. As this is not feasible in most cases, tables or supports are needed, which in turn have to meet high requirements. For its workstation systems, Halcyonics basically uses welded steel support frames that are ideal for use with active vibration isolation systems. The workstations consist of a combination of the Halcyonics_Vario series elements and a support frame perfectly matched to this system.


Applications for the Workstation Series include, but are not limited to: Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM, SPM), Inverse Microscopy with or without AFM Head, CSLM, SNOM, Profilometer, Nanoindenter, Patch-Clamp setups, Ultra-precise Scales, vibration sensitive Laser equipment, and many more.


The WSMicro series consists of one of the reliable and proven Halcyonics_Micro 40 active vibration isolators, which is integrated into a rigid steel frame with a tabletop surface. This provides the technician and scientist with an ergonomic workplace for delicate, vibration free microscopy work. The isolation performance as well as the other data is the same as for the Halcyonics_Micro bench top unit. The integration into the tabletop offers a compact active isolated surface especially for microscopes, surrounded by a conventional non-isolated laboratory desk surface. On the non-isolated surface users can place other equipment, handle test samples or can simply write things down.

Important for users in Life Sciences: the size of the active isolated surface is big enough to carry large inverted research microscopes. And, for those users who need acoustic isolation as well: the Microscopy Workstations can be used together with Halcyonics’ acoustic enclosures.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully automated load adjustment and transport lock
  • No low frequency resonance - as a result no amplification of vibrations in the low frequency range
  • Active isolation in all six degrees of freedom
  • All-in-one solution including welded steel frame
  • AC power from an electrical outlet is sufficient; no compressed air supply is needed
  • Ergonomic and efficient design

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