TSQ Quantum XLS Ultra

The Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum XLS Ultra is the highest performing GC-MS/MS instrument available with unsurpassed matrix selectivity, analytical performance, and lab productivity—the new “Gold Standard” in GC-MS/MS.

The Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum XLS Ultra is the new "Gold Standard" in GC-MS/MS. Featuring best in class target compound selectivity and analytical performance, the TSQ Quantum XLS Ultra is engineered to meet the requirements of the most demanding analytical tasks across food safety, environmental, clinical, forensic, toxicology, pharmaceutical and metabolomics applications.

Proprietary HyperQuad technology delivers exceptional sensitivity with superior precision at the lowest concentration levels. Exclusive Ultra high Selective Reaction Monitoring (U-SRM) is featured for optimal selectivity with increased mass resolution. Cleaner mass chromatograms enable easy peak identification and integration.

With the TSQ Quantum XLS Ultra, data can be evaluated quickly and easily, providing faster answers for high throughput laboratories.

  • HyperQuad technology delivers ultra high resolved Q1 precursor selection (< 0.2Da U-SRM)
  • Unsurpassed analyte selectivity in very complex matrix extracts
  • Superior results from less cleaned real life sample extracts
  • Reliable, first time peak integration, quantitation
  • Ion ratio confirmation compliant to official regulations
  • Ultra high selective Selected Reaction Monitoring (U-SRM) with increased mass resolution
  • DuraBrite IRIS source technology delivers class-leading sensitivity and robustness
  • Highest selectivity for complex matrix samples with enhanced mass resolution (U-SRM)
  • Ability to analyze a virtually unlimited number of target compounds in a single GC run with 1ms dwell times
  • EZ-method setup from Excel tables with timed-SRM at compound retention times
  • Simultaneous quantitation and confirmation with QED-MS/MS
  • Vacuum interlock for ion volume removal or changing of ionization modes without venting

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