pH & Conductivity Monitoring

The Thermo Scientific Dionex UltiMate 3000 PCM-3000 pH and Conductivity Monitor is ideal for accurate on-line pH and conductivity monitoring of HPLC applications. It is an upgrade for all UV-vis detector variants of the UltiMate 3000 system platform, including the Diode Array, Multiple Wavelength, and Variable Wavelength Detectors. The PCM-3000 can be used for monitoring the gradient formation in salt- or pH-gradient-based ion-exchange chromatography (IEC), typically used for biopharmaceutical analysis.

IEC is a versatile separation technique for profiling the charge heterogeneity of biotherapeutic proteins, including monoclonal antibodies (MAbs). The elution can be driven by pH, ionic-strength, or a combination of these two parameters. The PCM-3000 supports all modes of chromatography and provides verification of the elution conditions, the retention behavior of the sample, and the precision and repeatability of the instrumentation.

  • Simultaneous pH and conductivity monitoring with wide dynamic ranges
  • Wide flow rate range (up to 100 mL/min)
  • Low-volume flow cells for short response times and good compatibility with low flow rates
  • Best accuracy through temperature compensation of conductivity and pH results
  • Upgrade to UltiMate 3000 system UV-vis detectors
  • Full integration into the UltiMate 3000 system platform
  • Cost-effective, plug-and-play device

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