NORAN System 7 X Ray Micro Analysis System

NORAN System 7 X-ray Microanalysis System gets microscopists to the final answer in the least amount of time and with complete confidence in their results. Push a button, print the report. Done.

NORAN System 7 provides the ultimate in microanalysis capabilities for the modern electron microscopy lab: X-ray detectors with the highest sensitivity, pulse processors and digital imaging with the highest throughput and the most sophisticated software suite available. With these features, NORAN System 7 produces accurate results and answers in seconds.

Spectral Analysis

  • Identifies elemental peaks quickly and accurately using rule-based identification and peak shape deconvolution
  • SpectraCheck both visually and statistically confirms the presence of an element using spectrum simulation and comparison routines—provides both an overlapped spectrum and a chi-squared value indicating goodness of fit
  • Elemental peak references provide a complete set of spectral peak shapes collected with a typical EDS system
  • The intensities from these shapes are automatically corrected to match the microscope detector—eliminates the need for periodic calibration of the system with standards
  • Uses the PROZA Phi-Rho-Z matrix correction algorithm

Point and Shoot Mode

  • Integrates electron imaging and X-ray analysis
  • Single mouse click provides both elemental identification and quantitative analysis of the selected areas of interest of the sample
  • Areas on the sample are defined using points, rectangles, circles, polygon or with a magic wand tool
  • Magic wand tool allows easy, instant outline of complex areas without having to manually draw a border
  • The selection, based on gray levels, is made automatically with just one click
  • Selected areas may be analyzed instantly or multiple areas may be selected for automated analysis
  • Performs processing according to chosen settings
  • Able to provide the required spectral results—from qualitative analysis to quantitative analysis with full standards

Spectral Imaging

  • Acquires a spectrum at every point—useful for imaging, X-ray mapping, Linescan and advanced automated analysis
  • NORAN System 7 collects data that can be analyzed repeatedly without the need for reacquiring or changing acquisition parameters—with one click
  • Analyze the collected data locally at the microscope or take the data offline to a different computer for report preparation


  • Allows all of the people in the lab to perform the same analysis and obtain consistent results
  • Uses powerful multivariate statistical algorithms, as created by Paul Kotula et al. and licensed from Sandia National Labs
  • Using advanced algorithms, Direct-to-Phase extracts and displays known phases while the data is still being collected
  • Allow the EDS system to decide when sufficient statistics have been collected, or visualize the data as it develops


  • Data analysis concurrent with data collection - the speed of real time phase analysis
  • Not only presents elemental data in maps and spectra, it develops an information-rich picture of the sample composition—and it produces complete data ten times faster than current X-ray microanalysis technology

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