Nicolet iS50 R Research Spectrometer

The Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS50R carries forward all the flexibility and performance of the Nicolet iS50 Spectrometer system, with the added capabilities for the research spectroscopist.

The Nicolet iS50R includes dual sources and triple detector optics, multiple on-board digitizers, and easy access to spectrometer data and control signals.

The Nicolet iS50R incorporates the latest electronic and digital technology for advanced continuous scan, step-scan, and dual channel applications. The Vectra series interferometer offers the best mirror position accuracy in the industry. Precise positioning of the moving mirror is critical to the ultimate signal-to-noise ratio of the experiments.

Unlike traditional air bearing and mechanical interferometers, the Vectra series interferometer is nearly immune to normal laboratory vibrations and acoustic noises making an ideal choice for the most sensitive and highly demanding step scan experiments.

 All configurations of the Nicolet iS50R support amplitude modulation and time-resolved step-scan spectroscopy. The optional Vectra-Piezo interferometer adds advanced phase and multiple modulation capabilities.

Key features of all iS50R Spectrometers include:

  • Step Scan Control System and SST Electronics
  • Standard dual-channel digitizers
  • Auto-Tune
  • Rapid scanning for fast kinetics
  • 0.09cm-1 resolution
  • Touch Point one-touch sampling operation
  • Four position Quadraflex source mirror
  • Long Lifetime Polaris infrared source
  • Without iS50 ABX: Internal storage for two additional beamsplitters
  • Mounts for J-port emission optics and Raman InGaAs detect
  • Three position Paraflect detector mirror
  • Top-mounted DLaTGS Detector with KBr window
  • Aligned mounting plates front/rear
  • High speed USB 2.0 interface
  • Upgradeable to include iS50 ATR Built-in, wide range diamond ATR
  • Accepts all Smart Accessories and many others
  • Expandable with the iS50 GC-IR and iS50 NIR modules
  • Ready to accept iS50 Raman Module
  • Compatible with Continuum FT-IR Microscope and TGA Accessory
  • Ready for iS50 ABX automatic beamsplitter changer
  • Internal storage for two additional beamsplitters

Internal Validation wheel for SPV or ValPro Qualifications

The Nicolet iS50R FT-IR is controlled by the proven Thermo Scientific OMNIC Research software providing a powerful Windows compatible interface for complete data collection and processing.

OMNIC 9 Research Software

All of the OMNIC Standard features plus advanced features to support research applications: OMNIC Series for time-based data collection and analysis software for kinetics and hyphenated techniques. SST software suite of advanced research tools supporting:

  • FT-IR Step-scan amplitude, phase, multiple modulation

  • Step-scan time-resolved spectroscopy

  • Dual-channel polarization modulation

  • Phase array operations for dynamic FT-IR data manipulation

  • VCD intensity calibration

  • SpectraCorr Software for 2-D correlation Spectroscopy

  • MacrosPro for advanced workflow and application development

  • Extensive help system for SST features

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