NEPTUNE Plus High-Performance Multicollector ICPMS

Thermo Scientific NEPTUNE Plus is a high-performance multicollector ICPMS with high mass resolution capabilities for high precision isotope ratio measurements.

It combines highest sensitivity and highest stability for all elements with an innovative multicollector technique. The design of the NEPTUNE multicollector ICPMS is based on experience in multicollector technology and ICPMS.

Based on more than 30 years of experience in variable multicollector instrumentation, Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed the NEPTUNE Plus, based on a innovative multicollector platform.

The NEPTUNE Plus combines highest sensitivity and stability for all elements across the mass range. The design of the NEPTUNE Plus multicollector ICPMS shares technologies from our TIMS and High Resolution single collector ICPMS (TRITON Plus and ELEMENT 2).

  • High mass resolution on all detectors for resolving molecular interferences whilst maintaining flat-top peaks, only one mouse-click necessary for resolution selection.
  • Precise and accurate isotope ratios from across most of the periodic table
  • Inherent sensitivity from 10 kV acceleration voltage
  • Variable multicollector array for robust and precise peak alignment—Faraday cup array covers isotope systems from Li to U

New options:

  • Jet Interface for ground-breaking MC-ICP-MS sensitivity
  • Two high abundance-sensitivity filters (RPQ) (e.g. for 234U and 236U or 230Th and 232Th)
  • Compact discrete dynode ion counters for full dynamic range, stability and linearity
  • No-compromise multi-ion-counting packages, e.g. U-Pb, U-series, nuclear and more...

Application Areas:

  • Geochemistry, geochronology, environmental sciences, nuclear industry, forensic sciences, pharmaceutical, food & drink laboratories and more...

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