LCQ Fleet Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer

The cost-effective Thermo Scientific LCQ Fleet Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer delivers rich information for routine analysis of complex samples while providing excellent full-scan sensitivity, ruggedness and reliability.

From the inventors of benchtop LC/MS ion trap technology, the LCQ Fleet is part of the industry-leading portfolio of Thermo Scientific ion trap mass spectrometers known for their robustness and reliability. The LCQ Fleet delivers rich information for routine analysis of complex samples and integrates seamlessly with HPLC systems under a single-point of control. Automated features enable all users, from novice to expert, to easily analyze and interpret data. Application-specific software aids data processing and compound identification, assisting users in generating meaningful information.

Exceptional Analytical Value

  • Proven performance for compound identification in complex matrices
  • Easy to use single-point LC-MSn
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) ensures optimum charge population
  • Normalized Collision Energy for library-searchable spectra
  • Fast polarity switching provides comprehensive information
  • Rugged Ion Max source

Compatible with: 

Learn more about accelerating analysis with the perfect partner for mass spectrometry instruments, Accela High Speed LC System—an HPLC and U-HPLC in one system.

Recommended for: 

Natural Product Analysis , Impurity Analysis, General Analytical Chemistry

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