K-Alpha XPS System

Thermo Scientific K-Alpha is a fully integrated, monochromated small-spot X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (XPS) system.

State-of-the-art performance, reduced cost of ownership, increased ease of use and compact size make K-Alpha the ideal solution for many existing, as well as new surface analysis application areas. K-Alpha is designed for a multi-user environment and is the first XPS tool to deliver a fully automated workflow from sample entry to report generation.

Designed for productivity, from research to routine.

The Thermo Scientific K-Alpha is a fully integrated X-ray photoelectron spectrometer. The latest revision of the award winning K-Alpha platform features dramatically improved spectroscopic performance, delivering higher countrates, faster analysis times and improved chemical detectability.

Analytical options now include a tilt module for ARXPS data collection and a recirculating inert-gas glove box for transfer of air-sensitive samples. K-Alpha comes with an exciting range of new software features designed to further enhance the user experience. Combining cutting edge monochromated XPS performance with intelligent automation and intuitive control, K-Alpha is designed for a multi-user environment to meet the requirements of both experienced XPS analysts and newcomers to the technique.

Powerful Performance
  • Selectable area spectroscopy
  • Sputter depth profiling
  • Micro-focused monochromator
  • Snapshot acquisition
  • High resolution chemical state spectroscopy
  • Insulator analysis
  • Quantitative Chemical Imaging
Unparalleled Ease of Use
  • Avantage, the complete XPS software package, makes
  • Control–All hardware is controlled from the Avantage software interface–Point-and-click sample navigation and experiment definition–Automated Sample transfer
  • Acquisition–Spectra, images, profiles, linescans
  • Interpretation–elemental & chemical state identification
  • Processing–Quantification, peak fitting, real-time profile display, spectrum-image manipulation, PCA, phase analysis, TFA, NLLSF, PSF removal, optical/XPS image overlays
  • Reporting–Automatic report generation, simple export to other software packages
  • Avantage Indexer–data archive management
  • Audit trail logging
  • System performance logging
  • Calibration on demand–Full spectrometer set-up–Source degas and set-up
  • Full remote operation
Key Features
  • Analyser–180° double focussing hemispherical analyser–128-channel detector
  • X-ray source–Al Ka micro-focused monochromator–Variable spot size (30-400µm in 5µm steps)
  • Ion Gun–Energy range 100-4000eV
  • Charge Compensation–Dual beam source–Ultra-low energy electron beam
  • Sample Handling–4-axis Sample Stage–60 x 60mm sample area–20mm maximum sample thickness 
  • Vacuum System–2x 220 l/s turbo molecular pumps for entry & analysis chambers–Auto-firing, 3 filament TSP
  • Data-system–Avantage data system–Processing licence–PC
  • Options–Tilt module for ARXPS-Inert-gas glove box for air-sensitive sample handling

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