ICS-1100 Ion Chromatograph

With dual-piston pumping and electrolytic suppression,the affordable ICS-1100 combines high sensitivity with set-and-forget convenience. Vacuum degas and column heater options further improve baseline stability and produce lower detection limits. The ICS-1100 comes with Chromeleon® SE data management software for automation and data handling.

Compact and easy to operate, the ICS-1100 delivers solid performance at an attractive price. Select Eluent Regeneration (RFIC-ER) system technology or 2 mm column chemistries to dramatically reduce eluent usage and costs. Automated sample preparation with the optional addition of a 6- or 10-port valve enables matrix elimination, filtration, and automated large loop/ small loop reinjection of samples.

  • Increase productivity with electrolytic suppression.
  • RFIC-ER system technology provides up to 28 days of chromatography results using only a single eluent preparation.
  • Automated sample preparation capabilities enable techniques, such as on-line filtration, concentration, and matrix elimination.
  • Enjoy contamination-free, trouble-free IC with durable PEEK flow paths which stand up to your toughest acidic and basic eluents.
  • The ICS-1100 is reliable, reproducible, and saves you time and money.
  • Eliminate preinjection sample processing with automated sample preparation techniques like filtration and matrix elimination.

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