iCE 3500 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

Thermo Scientific* iCE* 3500 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer is a high performance, dual flame/furnace atomizer, double-beam Atomic Absorption Spectrometer.

The iCE 3500 AA Spectrometer provides outstanding performance, flexibility and simplicity. The unique dual atomizer design allows automatic, efficient, safe switching between flame and furnace analyses. Superior optics, innovative design and background correction accuracy ensure analytical performance.

  • User-friendly, Wizard-driven software guides new users through every aspect of an analysis and adds extra functionality for experienced users
  • Finned universal titanium burner ensures exceptional atomization, even with difficult samples
  • Unique Quadline deuterium background correction with guaranteed performance
  • Graphite Furnace TeleVision (GFTV) furnace vision system provides high definition images of the events taking place inside the graphite furnace cuvette for easy sample viewing, optimization and method development
  • Concurrent operation of the furnace, spectrometer and autosampler sampling procedures, minimizing the overall furnace cycle
  • Optional Zeeman background correction for flexible, interference-free furnace analysis
  • High precision, double beam optics and superbly accurate temperature control produce low detection limits and incredible analytical stability
  • Efficient design minimizes the footprint of the instrument and ensures that day-to-day analysis and maintenance is simple
  • Integrated software and hardware safety features
  • Simple installation and operation of the pre-aligned furnace and autosampler module
  • Extended Lifetime Cuvettes (ELCs) provide vastly extended lifetimes, improving efficiency and economy

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