HELIX SFT Split Flight Tube Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer

Thermo Scientific HELIX SFT is a state-of-the-art magnetic sector mass spectrometer for the isotopic analysis of small samples of the noble gases.

Capable of analyzing all the isotopes of the noble gases but is in particular suited to the simultaneous collection of the two isotopes of helium at masses 3 and 4.

  • The ability to measure both Helium isotopes simultaneously with no peak jumping required—this also leads to reduced analysis time and greater productivity
  • Abundance sensitivity—given the unique design of HELIX SFT the contribution of mass 4 at mass 3 is <1 ppb. In comparison the 5400 / MAP215 had a specification of 1ppm of mass 40 at 39
  • Low volume—the HELIX SFT has an internal volume of 1376cc giving the system very high sensitivity
  • Resolution—the low mass detector where the Helium 3 is measured has a resolution ›700 which ensures that the Helium 3 is completely separated from its two interferences HD and H3+
  • 1e10 / 1e11 / 1e12 amplifiers with 50 volt ranges enable majority of analysis to be carried out on long life Faraday detector.

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