FLS 980 Fluoresence Spectrometer

The FLS980 supplied is the successor to the popular FLS920 Series of fluorescence spectrometers from Edinburgh Instruments. The FLS980 is a fully automated, modular and flexible fluorescence spectrometer for both fundamental research and routine laboratory applications. Its high accuracy and sensitivity is designed to set the standards for technical performance in luminescence spectroscopy. - See more at: http://www.edinburghphotonics.com/spectrometers/FLS980%20Fluorescence%20Spectrometer/#sthash.Mg9J3cKv.dpuf

The FLS980 can be customised and its flexibility enables you to integrate accessories and upgrades according to your requirements. Whether you are studying photophysics, photochemistry, biophysics, biochemistry or semiconductor physics, the FLS980 will enable you to reliably and accurately measure luminescence in either steady state and/or lifetime modes, while its large sample chamber can house a variety of sample holders and accessories.

Enhanced sensitivity of the FLS980 for spectral measurements is a prerequisite for measurements of low sample concentrations and small sample volumes. The FLS980 is unbeaten with 12000:1 Water Raman SNR.

The FLS980 has a USB interface and all modes of operation are controlled by ONE data acquisition module, there is no need to reconfigure or reconnect cables EVEN FOR complex configurations.

Our advanced software both controls the instrument and contains routines for analysis. You can design your experiment from your desktop, watch your profiles build live on screen and then comprehensively manipulate and analyse your data.

- See more at: http://www.edinburghphotonics.com/spectrometers/FLS980%20Fluorescence%20Spectrometer/#sthash.Mg9J3cKv.dpuf

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