FLASH HT Plus Elemental Analyzer

Thermo Scientific FLASH HT Plus is a fully automated elemental analyzer optimized for isotope analysis of C, N, S, O and H.

It meets the increasing demand for multi-element isotope analysis for applications such as quality control; detection of adulteration of food, beverage, flavors, and pharmaceuticals; environmental analysis; and forensics.

The Flash HT Plus combines two furnace systems into a single analyzer and is equipped with an Automatic Switching Valve (ASV) to switch between the two modes of operation:

Dynamic Flash Combustion for C, N and S isotope analysis and High Temperature Conversion for O and H isotope analysis. The FLASH HT Plus adds versatility and automation to the proven stability, robustness and reliability of Thermo Scientific Elemental Analyzers for Isotope Ratio MS. The Flash HT Plus operates in true continuous flow mode for complete compatibility with principles of CF-IRMS.

  • 13C, 15N, 34S, 18O, 2H in one fully automated elemental analyzer
  • Highest efficiency and versatility with full software control
  • Dynamic Flash Combustion and High Temperature Conversion in one instrument
  • Authentication of food, beverages, flavors, and pharmaceuticals

The FLASH HT Plus supports the following analytical setups:

  • C, N and S simultaneous isotope analysis (triple analysis) using a dedicated reactor for sulfur analysis and an optimized separation column
  • Analysis is limited to samples with C/S ratios <70
  • Analytical time can be less than 18 minutes
  • C and N isotope analysis in dual or single mode using a single-reactor setup with chemical trapping of SO2 —reducing the analytical time to less than 8 minutes
  • Installing an additional CO2 trap for single N isotope analysis reduces the analytical time to 4 to 5 minutes
  • S isotope analysis in single mode
  • If no separation of N2 and CO2 is required, the GC temperature can be increased to reduce the analytical time of 34S determination to 7 minutes
  • H and O isotope analysis in dual or single mode using the well established and superior High Temperature Conversion technique (also referred to as pyrolysis) with glassy carbon reactor
  • Bottom Feed Connector results in sharper peaks and higher throughput
  • Additional trap protects the molecular sieve from introduction of CO2 and H2O keeping maintenance times low

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