FLASH 4000 N/Protein Analyzer

Thermo Scientific FLASH 4000 N/Protein Analyzer features a large sample weight capacity, one of several features that makes it ideal for a variety of food analyses.

Provides fully automated analysis with results obtained within a few minutes.

  • Automated 24/7 solution for solid and liquid samples utilizes Dynamic Flash Combustion technique; suitable for the analysis of N/Protein in any food matrix
  • Optimum choice for Quality Control and Research and Development environments in the food industry and an excellent economic alternative to the classic Kjehldal method—reduces analysis time from hours to minutes!
  • Requires minimum sample pre-treatment handling and no use of toxic or noxious chemicals
  • Water drainage condensers and regenerative CO2 adsorption filters (international patent pending) drastically improve autonomy and reduce downtime, maintenance and cost per analysis
  • Dedicated Eager Xperience Software features numerous functions designed to maximize productivity (such as personalized analytical reports), and includes instrument maintenance control functionalities
  • Large sample weight (more than 2g)
  • Analytical conditions stable for months
  • Low cost per analysis
  • Options include the coupling of an analytical balance for evaluating sample weight, use of multiple trays to analyze maximimum of 124 solid samples with the use of the MAS 4000 autosampler, and use of the AS 3000 model liquids autosampler
  • Autosampler capacity (MAS 4000): First tray capacity 31 samples; max capacity (4 drums of 31 positions) 124 samples
  • External interface: RS-232 serial line, Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Calibration: K factors or Linear Regression
  • Analysis time: 5 to 7 min. (depending on the sample nature)
Recommended for:
Large range of food, animal feed and beverage applications

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