FLASH 2000 N/Protein Analyzer

Determine Nitrogen concentration and the relative Protein content in every type of food and beverage.

The FLASH 2000 N/Protein analyzer is an essential tool for both Quality Control and Research/Development laboratories in the food industry, which require precise and accurate determinations, limited cost per analysis, and a 24 hour hard worker able to analyze solid and liquid samples continuously.

FLASH 2000 N/Protein is a simple yet comprehensive instrument able to become an irreplaceable partner for every food and animal feed lab.

  • Based on the well-known process of Flash Dynamic Combustion, which produces complete combustion of the sample followed by an accurate and precise determination of the elemental gases produced
  • Suitable for organic or inorganic samples; oxidation reactor reaches a temperature of 1800°C, allowing complete conversion to elemental gas of even those samples containing refractory material
  • Converts compounds to gas without operations which could introduce deviations or errors such as dilution, gas chamber, gas sampling valve, splitting, or purge and trap pathway;
  • Provides a quick analytical cycle; rapid methodology requires less than five minutes for a complete sample characterization
  • Process can be easily automated with solid or liquid autosamplers
  • Dedicated chromatography column connected to a highly sensitive thermal conductivity detector ensures wide detection range from 100 ppm to 100%
  • Unlike the traditional Kjeldahl technique for nitrogen determination, operations with the FLASH 2000 N/Protein Analyzer do not involve any toxic or polluting substances
  • Eliminates need for exhaust fans and fume hoods and the expensive disposal of analytical residues
  • Simplicity of design, coupled with accuracy owed to the electronic carrier gas controls, results in constant reproducibility and reduced number of calibrations
  • System benefits from very short instrument maintenance times and self diagnostics
  • Configurability makes it possible to modify the analyzer at any time to accommodate an extended range of market applications for N/Protein analyses
  • Dedicated Eager Xperience software is able to satisfy virtually every analytical request (i.e., evaluate and present the data, and provide personalized reporting and dedicated features for QC labs)
  • Upgradable to automatic simultaneous determination of Nitrogen/Carbon/Sulfur or Sulfur only; TOC after off-line sample pre-treatment
  • Delivered with Thermo Scientific MAS 200R universal autosampler which can allow up to 125 samples to be processed automatically
  • Two liquid autosamplers available; Thermo Scientific AI 3000 with an 8-sample tray or Thermo Scientific AS 3000 which boasts a 105 position tray

Compatible with:

  • Thermo Scientific AI 3000 autosampler
  • Thermo Scientific AS 3000 autosampler


The validity of the FLASH 2000 principle in the Nitrogen/Protein field has been approved by official organizations including AOAC, AOCS and AACC.

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