Evolution 60S UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

The Thermo Scientific Evolution 60S UV-Visible spectrophotometer offers exceptional performance and flexibility for routine to research applications.

With a 1.0 spectral bandwidth, the system provides increased resolution for your most demanding samples

Efficient optical design delivers a new level of clarity to your measurements.

Maximum Performance, Compact Design

  • Acquire accurate spectra with scan speeds up to 4200nm/min.
  • Depend on dual-beam optics for superior photometric accuracy during long measurements
  • Acquire measurements from the UV to the near-IR
  • Choose either a local control instrument or a computer-controlled model to match the needs of your laboratory
  • Increase sample throughput with the integrated 6-cell changer; save data to a USB memory device
  • Rely on accurate data with pre-programmed performance verification methods; save bench space with small footprint
  • Go beyond the Evolution 60S instrument with accessories available for every type of sample, Customize to fit your laboratory needs

Maintenance-Free Lamp

  • Save time with the instant-on xenon flash lamp
  • Perform accurate analysis over the entire wavelength range of 190-1100nm
  • Prevent damage to sensitive samples – does not continuously expose sample to intense UV light
  • Long lifetime xenon flash lamp – guaranteed for three years of continuous use
  • Xenon lamp produces no heat – sample compartment temperature does not change

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