Evolution 260 Bio UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

2011 R&D 100 Award Winner. The new Thermo Scientific™ Evolution 260 spectrophotometer offers reliable, high-quality performance and enhanced customer usability.
Advance your research with the Evolution 260 Bio UV-Vis spectrophotometer designed for the quickly changing field of life science. With the choice of integrated or computer software control, the Evolution 260 Bio spectrophotometer is always up-to-date and ready for the next challenge. Powerful software, a high-performance spectrophotometer, and an extensive line of accessories combine for a complete solution to move you from samples to answers faster. Thermo Scientific INSIGHT software, included with the Evolution 260 Bio system, offers pre-programmed assay methods for increased accuracy and convenience.
Designed with research, routine analysis, and core laboratory facilities in mind. The Evolution 260 Bio is one instrument that can satisfy all the needs of your routine to research life science lab.


Life Science Applications
  • Nucleic Acid concentration by direct UV measurement at 260nm including DNA, ssDNA, RNA, and siRNA

    Nucleic acid purity measurements from 260/280nm and 260/230 ratios

    Protein analysis by direct UV measurement at 205 or 280nm

    Measuring the fluorescence labeling efficiency for proteins and nucleic acids

  • Oligo calculator tool for calculating nucleic acid properties including melting points

Analyzer mode

  • Create a dedicated workflow program to guide technicians through even the most complex assays with the touch of a button
  • Customized User Environment software (CUE) uses simple, step-by-step, flowchart-like tools to program complete multi-step analyses for future use Program allows user to format screen displayed with method when it is executed
Color Touchscreen
  • Use a stylus pen or a mouse and keyboard connected directly to the instrument to navigate the screen
  • A complete line of sample changers, temperature control and monitoring accessories, fiber optic probe systems, and tools for measuring reflectance and transmission of solid samples
Double Beam Geometry
  • Taking the ratio of the sample to the reference beam at each data point negates the effects of changing samples—especially useful for kinetics, long-term process monitoring, and difficult samples
Focused Beam Optical Design
  • Uses a highly focused sample beam to get the best performance from microcells
  • Allows more than 80% of the light beam to pass through the 2 x 2mm aperture of a 40µL microcell
  • Provides maximum light throughput for use with fiber optic accessories and microcells from 40 to 500µL without the need for masked cell holders or cuvets
Mono Drive
  • Precision monochromator drive delivers fast scanning data collection and wavelength accuracy
Xenon Flash Lamp
  • Low cost of ownership, longer time between maintenance cycles, high intensity in the UV and visible regions of the spectrum
  • Xenon lamps require no warm-up time for instant measurements
Trigger Connections
  • Electronic triggering provides the highest level of accuracy for rapid-mixing kinetics measurements
System Validation
  • The UV Validator streamlines Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) and performance Qualification (PQ) procedures for simple and efficient use by the end user
Security Software
  • If your laboratory requires 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, Thermo Scientific INSIGHT security software is here to make your life easier

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