ESCALAB 250Xi XPS Spectrometer

The Thermo Scientific ESCALAB 250Xi is an XPS spectrometer coupling high sensitivity with high resolution quantitative imaging and multi-technique capability.

XPS is well-established in many branches of materials characterization. It is now an essential tool for the development of advanced materials in many areas of technology from bio-materials to semiconductor materials. ESCALAB 250Xi meets the growing demands for increased analytical performance and flexibility. Additional, optional surface analytical techniques may be used on ESCALAB 250Xi to augment the information provided by XPS. The advanced Avantage data system for acquisition and data processing ensures that the maximum information is extracted from the data.

ESCALAB 250Xi is equipped with a microfocusing X-ray monochromator to deliver optimum XPS performance. Its market leading sensitivity ensures maximum sample throughput. Parallel XPS imaging is the method of choice for the best lateral resolution, ESCALAB 250Xi provides images having a resolution of <3µm. The newly developed imaging detector provides "signature-free", quantitative data. The multi-technique capability and the availability of a range of preparation chambers and devices ensures that the instrument will provide the solution to any surface analytical problem.

Key features
  • High sensitivity spectroscopy
  • X-ray monochromator as standard
  • Small area XPS
  • Image resolution <3µm
  • Quantitative imaging
  • Depth profiling capability
  • Angle resolved XPS
  • Microfocusing monochromator
  • Ion scattering spectroscopy (ISS) in base system
  • Reflected electron energy loss spectroscopy (REELS) in base system
  • “Preploc” chamber in base system
  • Multi-technique analytical versatility
  • Many sample preparation options
  • Automated, unattended analysis
  • Multiple sample analysis
  • Avantage, Windows-based data system
X-ray Monochromator
  • The twin-crystal, microfocusing monochromator has a 500mm Rowland circle and uses an Al anode
  • The user is able to select any size of X-ray spot at the sample over a range of 200µm to 900µm
  • The lens/analyzer/detector combination makes the ESCALAB 250Xi unique for both imaging and small area XPS
  • Two types of detectors ensure that the analyst uses the optimum detector for each type of analysis—two dimensional detector for imaging and a detector based on channel electron multipliers for spectroscopy when high count rates are to be detected
  • Lens is equipped with two, computer-controlled iris mechanisms—one allows the user to control the field of view of the lens down to <20µm for small area analysis and the other to control the angular acceptance of the lens, which is essential for high quality angle resolved XPS
  • 180° hemispherical energy analyzer
Depth Profiling
  • The digitally controlled EX06 ion gun can be used to provide excellent depth profiles
  • The EX06 is a high-performance ion source even when using low energy ions
  • For the ultimate in depth profiling azimuthal rotation of the sample is available
  • Multi-technique Capability
  • Designed to accommodate other analytical techniques without compromise to the XPS performance
  • Power supplies for the lenses and analyzer are reversible—using the EX06 ion gun, ISS (ion scattering spectroscopy) is always available
  • Electron gun can be operated at up to 1000V and provides an excellent source for REELS
Technique Options
  • XPS with non-monochromatic X-rays
  • AES (Auger electron spectroscopy)
  • UPS (Ultra-violet photoelectron spectroscopy)
Vacuum System
  • Analysis chamber is constructed from 5mm thick mu-metal to maximize the efficiency of the magnetic shielding
  • Offers increased effectiveness compared to shielding methods that use internal or external shilelds
Sample Preparation
  • A combined entry lock and preparation chamber forms part of the base system
  • Additional preparation chambers are available as options
Avantage Data System
  • Surface analysis instruments and components from Thermo Fisher Scientific are controlled by the Avantage data system
  • This industry-leading software integrates all aspects of the analysis, including instrument control, data acquisition, data processing and reporting
  • Advantage is a Windows based software package which allows remote control via a network and easy interfacing to third party software packages such as Microsoft Word
  • Avantage takes care of the total analysis process from sample to report

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