Thermo Scientific ELEMENT XR ICP-MS combines a dual mode SEM with a Faraday detector.

The ELEMENT XR detection system combines a dual mode SEM with a Faraday detector.

Through this combination of a single Faraday collector with the SEM, the linear dynamic range of the ELEMENT XR can be increased by an additional three orders of magnitude, when compared to the ELEMENT 2 ICP-MS.

The linear dynamic detection range is of immense importance in ICP-MS because a wide range of elements and concentrations is analyzed in a single analysis.

 Integrated Faraday Detector Features

  • Sample times of down to 1ms
  • No decay time required after the measurement of high intensities
  • Automatic switching between SEM (Analog and Counting detection modes) and Faraday with delay times < 1ms
  • Wide cross-over ranges (› 2 orders of magnitude) between different detector modes allows accurate, automated cross-calibration
  • Automatic cross-calibration between Faraday and Analog signals
  • Dynamic range: 5 x 10c cps to › 1 x 1012 cps (1ms sample time)
  • Maximum measurable concentration achievable is over 1000

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