Thermo Scientific ELEMENT GD Mass Spectrometer features a glow discharge ion source in a high-resolution mass spectrometer for the direct analysis of conductive material.

The ELEMENT GD is tailored to serve high purity metal manufactures as well as their consumers. The ELEMENT GD ion source and sample holder is designed for easy sample changeover, offering routine operation and high throughput.

  • Almost all elements present in a solid sample, including carbon, oxygen and nitrogen can be detected and quantified routinely: many down to the parts per billion (ppb) level

Fast Flow Glow Discharge Cell

  • High sputter rates for short analysis time
  • High power ion source for outstanding sensitivity

Double-focusing Mass Spectrometer

  • Signal-to-noise ratios enabling sub-ppb detection limits based on high ion transmission combined with low background
  • Maximum level of selectivity and accuracy from high mass resolution: a prerequisite for undisputable analytical results

Twelve Orders of Magnitude Automatic Detection System

  • Determination of ultra-traces and matrix elements within a single analysis, as fully automatic detector covers 12 orders linear dynamic range
  • Direct determination of the matrix elements for IBR (Ion Beam Ratio) quantification

Software Suite for Productivity and Ease-of-use

  • Full computer control of all parameters
  • Fully automated tuning, analysis and data evaluation
  • Automatic LIMS connectivity
  • Remote control and diagnostic
  • Windows XP OS
  • Less than 10 minutes sample turn-around
  • Matrix to ultra-trace detection capabilities in a single analysis
  • Depth profiling
  • Minimum matrix effects for straightforward quantification

Recommended for:

  • Microelectronic
  • Aerospace
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical/Food
  • Nuclear

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