ConFlo IV Universal Continuous Flow Interface

Thermo Scientific ConFlo IV, the first universal Continuous Flow interface, allows simultaneous attachment of multiple sample preparation devices with different carrier gas flow regimes to the same Isotope Ratio MS.

The development of Continuous Flow carrier gas assisted techniques has dominated the growth of Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry for the last two decades with our series of ConFlo interfaces.

Powerful new features of the ConFlo IV universal interface include intelligent connection to all necessary reference gases, automatic sample-size recogni¬tion, sample and reference signal matching and self-diagnosis. The ConFlo IV takes significant steps towards full automation of the stable isotope laboratory, maximizing system utilization and uptime.

  • Higher sample throughput and less idle time
  • Continuous and unattended analysis utilizing three preparation devices
  • Software controlled standby and start up of Trace GC and Flash 2000 and Flash 2000 HT for IRMS
  • smartEA mode: automatic detection and adjustment of sample gas to reference gas intensities
  • Computer-controlled auto-dilution of sample gases based on TCD signals from the EA
  • Five reference gases always available
  • Sample analysis and referencing of all CNOHS species in a batch sequence
  • Lowest consumption of reference gases
  • Computer-controlled reference gas intensities
  • Auto-determination of linearity, stability, and H3+ factor
  • Integrated system monitoring and self-diagnosis

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