Column Oven

The UltiMate® 3000 Thermostatted Column Compartment (TCC) offers precise temperature control under varying ambient conditions. Easily accessible valves extend flexibility and performance options, and enable tandem and parallel operation, on-line sample preparation, and multidimensional chromatography as an integral part of the unique UltiMate 3000 x2 Dual system capabilities.

  • Column thermostatting for reliable LC at elevated, ambient, and subambient temperatures
  • Freely-configurable and user-interchangeable high-pressure switching valves
  • Accommodation of up to 12 columns
  • Temperatures from 5 to 110 °C with the Rapid Separation Thermostatted Column Compartment
  • Short equilibration times for temperature step gradients and fast application switching
  • Low-dispersion eluent preconditioner for better peak shapes at elevated column temperature
  • Homogeneous temperature distribution via a fan-based, forced-air design
  • AutoQ instrument qualification for simplified method documentation and regulatory compliance
  • Column identification system and comprehensive system wellness features

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