Antaris Target Blend Analyzer

Thermo Scientific Antaris Target blend analyzer is a compact, powerful NIR ideal for determining blending endpoints and ingredient concentrations in real time.

Developed in partnership with pharmaceutical industry leaders, the Antaris Target blend analyzer provides continuity and scalability between product development and operations, and facilitates the implementation of control strategies. The Antaris Target is the most complete, reliable analytical package for monitoring solids blending, including traceable design modeled from quality system requirements in the highly-regulated medical device industry.

  • MEMS NIR technology
  • IP-65 rated enclosure
  • Stainless steel enclosure designed for ease of cleaning
  • ValPro Instrument Qualification package comes standard
  • Includes all tools necessary for achieving regulatory compliance—DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ
  • Robust wireless communications
  • Long battery life (3.5 hours run time)
  • Lightweight (22 lbs.) for use on development- and industrial-scale blenders
  • Universal lid modification kit allows interface to all major blender types
  • Easily moved from one blender to another using industry-standard 6 in. triclamp fitting
  • Internal self-calibrating data trigger

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