AI/AS 1310 Autosampler

The Thermo Scientific  AI/AS 1310 Series autosampler is the optimum choice for gas chromatography liquid sampling.

Ranging from an 8-position system (AI 1310 Autoinjector) to a 105 sample capacity autosampler (AS 1310 Autosampler), these systems are engineered to meet the highest requirements of ruggedness and ease of use and fulfill the needs of both QA/QC and high-throughput environments.

  • Syringe Thermal Stability—The syringe is kept away from the inlet's temperature influence so that efficient sampling of low boiling compounds is preserved
  • Cross-Contamination Free—Pre- and Post-injection syringe rinsing with single or combined solvents (A, B, C, D, A+B, C+D) makes carry-over negligible
  • System Upgradability—An upgrade option is available for AI 1310 to extend its sample throughput to the 105 sample capacity of the AS 1310 autosampler
  • System Control—All necessary electronics are on board the sampling module. Both AI 1310 and AS 1310 can be controlled through the data system set-up menu
  • System Setup—Easy self-aligning, slide-in installation does not require any turret/syringe adjustment over the injector or the sample vial

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